Removable memory | standard form factors

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(WORM) SD & Micro-SD Cards

Cost effective, tamper proof solution that secures your data.

Unalterable data storage. Prevent sensitive files from being deleted, modified or overwritten while still granting read-only access.

Default WORM Card Mode. No software installation is required.

Replaces old media like CD-R / DVD-R optical disk and even WORM tape, all of which are hard to support

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Micro SD Memory Card

Flexxon Memory Card is a reliable, Micro SD and SD NAND flash storage solution for industrial, medical and automotive applications. Features include Auto Read Refresh (which ensures maximum efficiency of read operations by automatically moving data to a new block before a pre-set error level threshold is reached), Power Loss Protection and Advanced Wear Levelling.

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Flexxon WORM

Security USB’s

Flexxon’s security range of USB sticks, ideal when you do need the standard form factor but need a high level of on board security to keep your data more secure.

FX Locker and Biometric Fingerprint Identification.

FX Locker is a super speed USB 3.1 which supports security encryption without software or driver installations. AES-XTS 256 Bit.

FxFP Fingerprint Secured USB Drive.Super speed 3.1 with biometric finger print identification and AES 256 encryption technology to ensure absolute date security and prevent unwanted access to the USB drive

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USB Flash Drive

Flexxon’s USB flash drive offers USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 2.0, designed with high quality 2D and 3D NAND technology.

It is implemented with flash block management, superior wear levelling and powerful ECC engine to increase data reliability and endurance, fulfil commercial and industrial applications. FLEXXON’s USB flash drive has high performance both in sequential and random read/write, cater for specific requirements.

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