Industrial Solid State Drives

Industrial SSD


FLEXXON’s industrial solid state drives (SSDs) are an excellent solution for lowcost and lowdensity embedded applications. They perform faster than conventional hard disk drives (HDDs) and consume less power. Features include:

  • Hardware BCH ECC engine
  • Data shaping for high reliability
  • Static data refresh to ensure data integrity
  • Low power management
  • Power loss protection
  • Global wear levelling algorithm
  • Extended temperature range: -40 to +85 degrees centigrade

Available form factors:

  • 2.5”
  • Half Slim
  • mSATA

NOTE: Flexxon industrial grade SATA II SSD is compliant with SATA revision 2.6 and compatible with SATA 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps interface.


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FLEXXON’s SATA III industrial solid state drives boast a wide variety of features of particular benefit to Industrial, Medical and Automotive applications. They are compliant with SATA Revision 3.2 and compatible with SATA 1.5Gbps, 3Gbps and 6Gbps. FLEXXON SATA III SSDs deliver excellent performance; up to 550MB/s, which is enough to meet the requirements of most embedded systems, main storage and enterprise applications
Features include:

  • Capacities up to 8TB
  • Reliable NAND SSD with fixed BOM Control
  • Low density parity check (LDPC) of ECC algorithm
  • Advanced data encryption
  • Low power management
  • Power loss protection
  • SMART analysis

Available form factors:

  • 1.8 and 2.5”
  • Half Slim
  • mSATA and mSATA Mini
  • M.2
  • Cfast
  • uSSD


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Through Parallel ATA (PATA) is an old protocol (launched mid1980s)and has been superseded by SATA (launched circa 2003) in many instancesthere remains a strong requirement for it to support legacy platforms. The solutions are high reliability and well suited for rigorous industrial environments. Features include:

  • AES encryption
  • Power loss management

Available form factors:

  • 2.5′′ SSD
  • Compact Flash (CF) with up to 256GB storage
  • PATA DOM (40 and 44 pin)

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    FLEXXON PCIe NVMe SSD is the latest high performance and optimized protocol which supersedes AHCI and complements PCIe technology. It delivers ultimate performance with sequential read/write performance up to 3200MB/s, 2600MB/s and random R/W speeds up to 600K/600K IOPS, respectively. Moreover, FLEXXON PCIeNVMe SSD provides significantly high capacity up to 8TB, which is an ideal solution for main storage /client, embedded and enterprise applications.

    Features include:

    • Compatible with NVMe1.3
    • Compatible with PCIe Express Base Version3.1
    • PCIe 3×2 & 3×4 interface
    • High quality 3D NAND
    • Secure erase, crypto erase and physical presence SID
    • Thermal throttling
    • Power loss protection Wear leveling protection
    • Bad block management
    • Dynamic SLCCaching

    Available form factors:

    • 30 and 64TB PCIe SSD
    • U.2
    • M.2 2242
    • M.2 2280
    • Addin card
    • CFx
    • uSSD


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    The FLEXXON USB disk on module (DOM) family of products are industrial grade, have capacities up to 512GB and read and write speeds up to 102 and 86 MB/s respectively.


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