WORM Memory Card

Non-erasable & Non-rewritable solution

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Flexxon WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) SD/MicroSD cards keep your important documents safe and intact, ensuring high levels of data security and eliminating the risk of your files being deleted or modified.

Flexxon’s X-PHY WORM tamper-proof mechanism offers the utmost data integrity and reliability. Once information is written onto it, no one can modify or remove it, but the data can be read many times.

WORM is specifically built for applications where data reliability and safety are paramount. Flexxon WORM SD/MicroSD card is available in 4GB – 32GB capacity enable access to write data once and read as many times as required. It also provides the benefit of time and date authentication, which facilitates quick search, retrieval of archived files and provides extra security protection for stored data.

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The WORM kit includes a Micro SD card, SIM eject tool, USB card reader, MicroSD to SD card adapter, giving you a complete data storage solution, and everything you need to try the product out for size.

The multiple connector works flawlessly with devices to log relevant data, ensure security, and prompts error notification once any illegal activity is attempted. Designed by a team of experts, it is an incredibly resourceful and reliable memory solution.

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Enhanced 256GB of Extended WORM Memory

Flexxon WORM SD or microSD card strengthens your data security, keeping it safe and intact. The highest level of integrity is assured by its on-chip encryption and decryption using chacha20 making it faster and more secure than AES256.

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