SSD with PLP for Safer Data Storage

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The modern world is heavily data-oriented and is reliant on technology that provides easy, fast and secure access to high volumes of data. In the past, hard disk drives (HDDs) were relied on for storage. Increasingly, Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are used. They provide much faster access than HDDs and, as they have no moving parts, reliability is much higher. Solid…

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Cyber Safe Removable Memory Devices

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As Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to challenge our industry it’s important we don’t lower our guard against digital viruses. Michael Barrett, MD of Nexus Industrial Memory, explains how ‘going industrial’ can improve the security of applications that use removable memory devices. Cybersecurity is a growing concern in all sectors and the electronics industry is considered particularly at risk because it comprises…

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Non Volatile Memory Refresh

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NVM is used in most embedded systems, but with different memory types available which is best to use and why? Michael Barrett, Managing Director of Nexus Industrial Memory, provides a brief refresher course and touches on removable NVM devices. Many factors will govern your choice of non-volatile memory (NVM) technology. These include storage capacity, the speed with which data needs…

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